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The international academic exchange cnter of Zhengzhou University of industrial technology,is constructed and operated in accordance with the national standard of star hotel. The building area is 11000square meters,with Xinzheng Yan and Huang Emperor Culture mixed together. It has new Chinese style decoration style,elegant quiet environment,and brings your feelings hidden in the landscape. It is 9 kiloneters form the Xinzheng express ways of Beijing,Hongkongand Macao. It is 19 kilometers away from Xinzheng airport. The center building is located in the campus of Zhengzhou University of industrial technology in Xinzheng, Xueyuan Road. It has convenient transportation.

All the satff of international Academic Exchange Ceten(The Royal Hotel)will welcome you with sincere smile, excellent service on the basis of the scientific,standardized hotel management.

餐饮篇 Catering


Academic exchange center invited national cooking master Yu Wei as a chef. He cooked main classic cantonese cuisine, private health food series, and the traditional food in all parts of china. The dishes follow the cooking skills of the national level.

The centre has eight luxurious private rooms, one medium sized banquet hall, one large banquet hall, and it can accommodate 600 people at the same time. With cantonese cuisine, sichuan and hunan cuisine, the yucuisine, the chinese restaurant is famous for its excellent dishes, special dishes, exquisite service and considerate care. The food is excellent in flavor, color and fragrance. It is the ideal place for you to have your business dinner, to have friends and family reunion, and to have wedding reception.

客房篇 Guest rooms


Hotel has 32 duluxe rooms. 32 duluxe single room, 10 luxury suites . The rooms are comfortable with elegant environment, large space, humanized service. It makes you feel really comfortable, with gentle enjoyment. The room is equipped with central air conditioning system, 24-hour special service and full access to broadband internet system. The hotel is considerate of the food and lodging of the guests.

会务篇 Conference Affairs

中心拥有大、中、小型 会议室、多功能厅、大型报告厅各一个。分别可容纳20-1500人不等,专业的会场预定服务,及现场布置,音响投影设备齐全?;嵋橛凶ㄈ巳谈?、服务高效、有序。

The center has large, medium, small conference rooms, multi-functional hall, large lecture hall respectively. It can accommodate 20 to 1500 people. We have the professional conference room reservation service, and the site arrangement, with the excellant video and projection equipment in the hotel. The conference has a special person to follow up, and the service is efficeient and ordely.

康乐篇 Recreation


The golf college of the academic exchange center is the first water golf school in henan province, which is jointly designed and built by the top domestic coures designers and engineers. The golf course is close to the lake, the atmosphere is mighty, with nice scenery . The construction area of golf college is 3000 square meters. With 40 hit grounds. There are all kinds of well-equipped facilities including VIP reception room,dining room ,red wine dellar, cigar bar, teahouse, ball, dressing room and coffee bar. It is an ideal place for you to have a hollday, and have a relaxation because of its elegant atmosphere.


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